South Los Angeles Going SOLA

3615031932_df416b618c_z (1)Councilmember Bernard Parks has been on the move lately, after announcing and breaking ground on the Vermont Entertainment Center, Councilmen Parks introduced a motion to officially change the neighborhood name of South Los Angeles to SOLA.  In 2003 City Council voted to change the area formerly known as South Central Los Angeles to South Los Angeles, in hopes to do away with the negative connotation that was placed on South Central after the riots.  Well I guess Council Parks is feeling like one more name change will seal the deal.  Parks told the Times that while there hasn’t been any community outreach about the change yet, it’s something that’s been suggested to him in passing by constituents.  I love the idea but don’t think the motion will be passed, but Councilmen Parks more power to you if the name change goes through.


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