SouthLA DevIdea: Inglewood Promenade……?

Once I complete the takeover and begin my urban development days, a project that I can’t wait to start, or see begin, is the Inglewood Promenade in Downtown Inglewood on Market Street.  With the coming of the Crenshaw Line, which cuts right through Downtown Inglewood, we need to begin to make Inglewood more appealing. I want close down Market Street to cars, extend the side walks and allow bars/restaurant/lounges to setup shop on Market Street.  Once you get people on Market Street, the retailers will come as well making Market Street an all-around shopping and dining destination.  Also allow street performers and other South LA artist to have the opportunity to showcase themselves, similar to 3rd Street Promenade.  No longer will South LA have to drive to the Westside in order to take part in such activities that Westsiders see everyday. More to Come!

One thought on “SouthLA DevIdea: Inglewood Promenade……?

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