Compton Lives!!


Now nearing the completion of The North Downtown Master Plan, Compton is truly emerging as a Live, Work, Play city.   Compton has completed work on an awesome new Martin Luther King Transit Center (with a huge C-O-M-P-T-O-N sign that I kinda wanna take a picture inf front, like I’m not a local), the first phase of the Gateway Towne Center, and slew of housing development; and with a newly appointed  mayor, one can say Compton is truly on the rise.  Completion of the North Downtown Master Plan consist of the already almost finish portion of, what was told to me by a Compton City Hall employee, office and more retail face.  The entire project is designed to facilitate a safe, vibrant, efficient, and pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. The master plan incorporates approximately new residential units, a Compton Senior Activity Center, Community Center, Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center, transit plaza, office and retail space, and more.  The North Downtown Master Plan promotes a sustainable land use while improving the overall quality of life for Compton’s residents.

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