Yes, Another Rail Transit Line Planned for SoLA

An excellent write up was done on the feasibility of Metro’s (far futured) plans for a subway/elevated heavy rail line down Vermont Blvd was released on a Transportaion Policy Blog stating the obivious, yet somehow overlooked need for a heavy rail transit line.  With the near completion of the Expo Line from Downtown to Culver City, Metro’s next project seems to be the Westside subway.

The proposed rail would be a subway/elevated heavy rail transit (HRT) line down South Vermont Avenue, from the Wilshire/Vermont Station to the Vermont Station on the Metro Green Line.  According to the Transportation Policy Blog, this corridor is the busiest north-south route in the Los Angeles Basin, with over 100,000 combined daily bus trips on Vermont, Western, Broadway and Figueroa.

The line would beginn at Wilshire/Vermont underground and from travel from to Gage Avenue where it will connect to above ground elevated tracks that will continue to Vermont and the 105.  Olympic, Venice, Adams, Exposition, Vernon and Slauson would all be subway stations with Florence, Manchester, Century, and the 105 all being above ground stations.

This line would provide for excellent redevelopment potential for South LA’s westside.  All stations listed along the track provide for great TOD (Transit Oriented Development opportunities fdue to the lower density development in these areas and unused space. Check out the Write-Up, it sums the need of Westside neglected sister Rail.

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