Leimert Park Station


There is a Major victory happening in Leimart Park… The Leimert Park Station has been approved  (that I have not yet shed much  light upon)!  Now-  the next step is preserving the community, and keeping its cultural heritage untouched. According to the Crenshaw Subway Coalition’s website, which gives upcoming news and updates regarding the status of the upcoming Crenshaw Line; in a 10-1 vote, the body approved the budget that adds Leimert Park as a station in association with the Crenshaw-LAX Line.  This is a historic moment for the area of Leimert Park and for our cause, (which dates back to 2008), and it was possible because of all of  you.  So we send this message as a special thank you to everyone that signed the petitions being circulated circa fall of 2009, attending the May 2011 board meeting, giving generously when it was needed the most, canvassing, phone banking, and above all marching.  You all had confidence in our leadership and believed us when we said this battle must be fought and could be won. You have helped deliver a station at the center of an African-American cultural region. This is only the beginning of rebuilding of our efficacy.

Subway Thru Leimert Park Village

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